Leander Games Slots

Leander Games are a young, independent company, formed in 2008 in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. With a loudly declared mission to bring innovative games to the casino market faster than any of the current solution, it’s fair to say that they took the gambling world by storm. Their very first release, the Megadeth slot game, based on the very popular metal band, has got them noticed and the word has spread that this company is the one to watch.

Leander have their own platform with a remote gaming server, which was built using some innovative technology and features, which allows them to offer not just the slot machines developed in-house, but also some third part slot games, for free and for real money. Some of the demos can be previewed at their official website, www.Leandergames.com, but you can also play Leander slots online right here at EvilZilla – for free and with all features unlocked.