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EvilzillaCasino (the"Site") values your privacy This is why we have created this Privacy Policy in order to provide you with the same information as you do. guarantee your peace of mind. This Privacy Policy (the"Privacy Policy"), in conjunction with General terms and conditions of the site, sets out on what basis any personal data will be processed. data that we collect or that you provide to us. Please read the following carefully guidelines to understand our viewpoints and practices regarding your personal data and how we will process them. By visiting our website, you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy and you agree with them.

1. Data protection

a. Personal data – or personal information) is any information about a person by which they can be identified ("Personal Data"). This does not include data that contains: there is no information about your identity (anonymous data).

b. You can contact the personal data operator at any of the following addresses: If you have any questions about the use of your Personal Data on the site, please contact: Contacts.

2. How and what personal information we collect

We will collect and process data about you, depending on which of the You belong to the following user categories:

a. Viewing the site

Each time you visit our site, depending on whether you have an account (as defined below) or not, we may automatically collect the following information:

• Technical information, including the Internet Protocol address (IP address) used by for connecting your computer to the Internet, login details, browser type and version, settings time zone, browser plug-in types and versions, your Internet service provider, and your device, location, operating system and platform, as well as other online identifiers. Although this information is not if it is personal, we process it with the same level of security and provide it with the same protection that we do we provide your Personal Data. They are only used for internal analysis of user data. trends, so that we can optimize the site to provide high-quality services online.

• If you use our site on your mobile device, we may receive information about your mobile operator and a unique device ID number.

• Information about your site visit, including a single resource index (URL) and information about page interactions.

• Information obtained from cookies.

• The site also uses certain analytics tools that allow you to collect data from analytical platforms. The site uses both its own analytics tools and tools third-party analytics service providers. Information collected through data analysis includes information about to the operating system (OS) used on your device, the IP address (which can be used for location of your device), access time, browser type and language, as well as the websites you use visited before visiting our Site. For more information about analytics service providers, Please refer to Point 6 (Cookies) of this Privacy Policy.

b. Subscribe to receive newsletters or advertising messages

If you subscribe to our newsletter or receive any promotional messages, we will we save your name and email address and contact you by email.

You can unsubscribe from our newsletter by following the instructions in these pages. emails. If you unsubscribe, we may still send you non-advertising emails, for example, emails about your account.

c. Creating a user account

i. When you create a free user account on our website on the website ("account"), in addition to the information specified in Paragraph 2 (a) above, we also store the following information about For you: name, date of birth, email address, user name, country and IP address, favorite game.

ii. If you choose to "Register via Facebook", the following information is provided:, Any information you share with us may include basic information available on your Facebook profile. (including your email address, status updates, and your contact list). We won't get any other information from Facebook, except for registration information. Facebook will be able to tell you more about how they are doing they use and process your data whenever you contact us through their website.

d. Contact our support service

When you contact our support team with a question regarding any We may also store all the information you provide on the site.

3. How your personal data is used

a. Your personal information is used by the site for the following purposes::

i. For marketing communication purposes – to keep you up to date with new information information, announcements, important updates, and other events that are considered important to you. You will only receive such information via email or other electronic communications if: If you choose to receive such information before registering on the site or by changing the settings in your account, please contact us. account to ensure that such information is received. You can unsubscribe from receiving it at any time send messages by changing your account settings or clicking on the appropriate link to cancel your subscription.

ii. When you participate in contests, receive branded gifts from We will use your personal information to manage any sweepstakes or sweepstakes offered on the Site. programs.

b. We will also use your personal information for verification purposes Your account, if such verification is necessary.

c. Personalized advertising. The site launches targeted ads on based on your personal information. This means that the site shows you ads based on your needs. interests that are stored as a result of your interaction with the site, as well as using the information, collected on analytical platforms and using cookies. For more information about data analysis that is used to run targeted ads, and how you can opt out from them, see Point 6 (d) of this Privacy Policy.

4. Categories of your personal data

Your Personal Data that we collect and process can be divided into the following categories:

• Identification data including first name, maiden name, last name, first name user or similar ID, marital status, application form, date of birth, gender, status employment and profession.

• Contact details, including residential address, email address, etc. phone numbers.

• Technical data, including the Internet Protocol address( IP address), your username, and the type of password used. and browser version, time zone settings and location, browser plug-in types and versions, the operating system and platform, and other technologies on the devices that you use to access the Internet. to the site.

• Profile data, including your username and password (encrypted), time of day of the event log in and log out.

• Usage data, including information about how you use the site.

• Marketing and communication data, including information about your online preferences. receive advertising from us and our third parties, as well as your communication preferences.

5. Legal grounds for the transfer of personal data

Below, in the form of a table, we provide a description of all the ways in which we use your services. Personal data and the legal grounds on which we do so. We have also identified our legitimate interests where appropriate.

6. Cookies and analytics


Our Website uses cookies. A cookie is a small file with letters and numbers that we put on your computer. Cookies allow us to distinguish you from others users of our site, which allows us to provide you with more features on the site, as well as improve the quality of our services. our website.

To learn more about cookies, please refer to our Notification about using cookies.


The site also uses analytics. Whether you have an account or not, we can use Google Analytics and Matomo Analytics, as well as products from any other analytics service providers, to: display ads on the site and/or on third-party sites after you visit our site. Basic and Third-party cookies are used by us and third parties, such as Google and Matomo, to inform you about the use of these cookies., optimize and display ads based on your previous visits to our site.

i.Google Analytics

1. Google Analytics is a service provided by Google to create detailed information about your business. statistics of website visits. Google uses the collected data to track and monitor your usage our website. This data is shared with other Google services. Google may use the collected data to: create contextual and personalized ads in your own ad network.

2. We use data from a third-party Google Analytics audience, such as age, gender and interests to understand the behavior of our customers. We also work with companies that collect information about Your online activity to provide ads tailored to your interests and preferences. this means that you may from time to time see advertisements on the site or other sites that you you view it because we have a contract with Google and other companies to target our services. ads based on data collected by us or them, including data collected through cookies cookie. These companies can also collect information when you click on an ad on the site, which helps track and monitor the effectiveness of our marketing activities.

3. You can opt out of Google Analytics display ads and set up ads in Google Display Network by visiting the page Google Ads Settings ( Google also recommends using the Google Analytics Blocker ( The Google Analytics blocker allows users to disable the collection and use of their data Google Analytics.

ii. Matomo

1.The site also uses the open web analytics service Matomo. Service it uses cookies that allow us to track your activities on the site. For this purpose, information about The information generated by cookies is stored on servers owned by us or Matomo.

2. If you don't want your data to be saved and used by Matomo, you can you can disable cookies by contacting us. In this case, the "opt-out" setting will be saved in your browser. cookies " (disable cookies), which will prevent Matomo from storing data about your use of the site. if you delete the cookies, and the Matomo cookie opt-out file will also be deleted. Then, when you go to our site, You will need to activate the opt-out again. For more information, visit the Policy page Matomo Privacy Policy at:

7. Disclosure of personal data to third parties

a. The Site does not engage in trading, sharing, transfer or disclosure any of your personal information, except as provided in this Policy privacy policy or as required by applicable law.

b. We are committed to partnering with companies that provide services, solutions and promotions that we believe will be useful to our customers, and in such cases we will provide you with any such services, solutions, and promotions of these companies.

c. The site also reserves the right to provide statistical data about your site usage, sales, traffic, and other statistical information related to the site and third parties, without revealing your identity.

d. The Site may share your Personal Data with its partners or affiliated companies for legitimate business purposes.

e.In the event of a merger, reorganization, or sale of the site, we may transfer all of the following information: stored personal and non-personal information to all relevant third parties. In this case, the site will inform you users before their personal information becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

f. We may disclose your information if we are required to do so by law. to comply with the requirements of legal proceedings.

g. We do not guarantee that your personal information will not be used third-party sites that are linked to on the site, or that post a link to our site on their sites website.

8. Your rights

Under certain circumstances, you have rights with respect to your Personal Data in accordance with the legislation on personal data protection:

a. Request for access to Personal Data. You have the right to access your personal information information. We will grant any reasonable request for access. In cases where the access request implies if there is a disproportionate amount of work to be done, we reserve the right, in accordance with applicable law, to charge commission for performing this work.

b. Request for correction of your Personal Data. This allows you to correct your data if it is incomplete or inaccurate, although we may need to check the accuracy new data provided by you.

c. Request to delete your Personal Data. You have the right to ask us delete any of your personal information that is not relevant to the purpose we are pursuing in collecting it. you have the right to ask us to delete your Personal Data that we have no good reason to process. grounds. You can also ask us to delete all your Personal Data, in which case we will ask you to: close your account. Due to legal obligations, we may not be able to delete all or some of the information. Your personal information immediately upon receipt of the request for deletion, (for example, anti-corruption legislation money laundering), but we will process your request as soon as possible, no matter what the relevant one is. data retention period.

d. Objection to the processing of your Personal Data. You have the right to object we object to the processing of your Personal Data in cases where we do so on the basis of our legitimate interests (or the interests of third parties), and if there are certain circumstances that you want to object to I am against processing your data on this basis, as you feel that it affects your main interests. rights and freedoms. You also have the right to object when we process your personal data for the purpose of direct access to your personal data. In this case, we will ask you to clear the corresponding checkbox for direct marketing before creating a new account. or change your account settings where you consent to the processing of your personal data for marketing communication. In some cases, we can demonstrate that we have irrefutable evidence that we do not know what it is. legal grounds for processing your personal information, regardless of your rights and freedoms.

e. Request to restrict the processing of your Personal Data. You have the right to ask us to suspend the processing of your Personal Data in the following cases: (a) You wish to: correct the data; (b) the use of your data is illegal, but you do not want us to use it. (c) You need us to retain your data, even if we no longer require it, because you need to: you need to justify, comply with, or challenge legal requirements; (d) you have objected to our use of your Personal Data. data, but we need to check whether we have legal grounds for using it, which have the following reasons: preemptive legal force.

f. Request for the transfer of your Personal Data (request for data transfer). You you have the right to request your Personal Data. We will provide you with your Personal Data in structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format. Please note that this right applies only to the automated information that you initially agreed to use, and information required to fulfill the contract concluded with you.

g. The right to withdraw consent to direct marketing. You have the right at any time change your mind about us contacting you from time to time by direct communication with us. marketing. You can exercise your right to stop direct marketing by unchecking the appropriate checkbox for direct marketing in your account or by contacting customer support. Revocation of consent to processing personal data for marketing purposes will only apply to the site.

h. We keep copies of all messages that you send to us (including copies of e-mails) to ensure that the information we have received from you is accurate.

9. Child protection

a.The site is an information portal about online gambling, and Therefore, the site's marketing materials, products, services, and promotions are not intended for children and adults. users under the age of 18 (or who have not reached the minimum age set by the relevant company). by jurisdiction).

b. The Site does not intentionally request or collect personal data from older children under 18 years of age. If the site detects that it has accidentally collected personal information of a child under the age of 18, it deletes it this child's personal information, as soon as it is objectively possible to do so.

c. The Site is not responsible for any actions taken by children or visitors in the past. under the age of 18 (or who have not reached the minimum age established by the relevant jurisdiction) or with respect to the content of the site and any of its subdomains or pages, nor with respect to outbound marketing (in particular: in particular, our mailing list).

10. General Account Registration Policy

a. You can register an account on the site for free. Please note that this is it is not necessary to continue using AIT and participate in the offered promotions, unless: otherwise specified.

b. Account registration is not available for children and visitors under the age of 18 years of age (or who have not reached the minimum age set by the relevant jurisdiction). In accordance with with this Privacy Policy, the site intentionally does not register, store or disclose any personal information information about children and visitors under the age of 18 (or under the minimum age)., established by the relevant jurisdiction).

c. After registering your account, you can place a request at any time to deactivate or delete your account. Please note that we will save the registered information in our secure archive for statistical accounting and analysis purposes. For more information, see Point 11 below (Saving data).

11.Saving data

a. You can ask us to delete your data and close your user account. in this case, we will immediately delete all information, except for those that we may be required to keep in the future. in accordance with the requirements of the law.

b.In some cases, we may anonymize your Personal Data (in order to: they were no longer associated with your identity) for research or statistical purposes, in which case we will we may use the data without any time limit without your further notice.

12.User account privacy

a. Your personal information will only be available to employees of the site who need to: access to certain data so that they can fulfill their job responsibilities.

b.Your personal information is password protected in a secure environment. encryption.

c. We strictly comply with all the requirements of the legislation on personal data protection data.

13. Shared data Security

The site has implemented the necessary digital and infrastructure security measures on physical and technological data storage layer to protect your personal information from loss, misuse and modification.

14.Content relevance

a. For reasons related to the realities of maintaining the site and other digital content However, we cannot guarantee that all content will be up-to-date at any time.

b. Therefore, as well as for other reasons, the site reserves the right to make changes to the site's website. changes to the information contained on the site, without prior notice.

c. It is worth noting that some services and promotions are regulated restrictions imposed by regulations and the relevant jurisdiction, so they are not available in all languages. markets.

It is your sole responsibility to ensure that the information is up-to-date prior to publication. when you take the appropriate action.

15. Changes to the Privacy Policy

Any changes that we may make to our Policy in the future Your personal data will be published on this page and, if necessary, we will notify you of these changes. changes made via email. Please check for updates or changes to our policy. privacy policy. If you do not agree with any of the changes, we recommend that you contact our support team support or close your account.

16. Other sites

As soon as you leave the site or otherwise navigate to another site ("Third-Party site"), for example, by clicking on an ad or banner of a third-party brand placed on the site, they start the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and data processing methods (which we do not apply) apply. we control it) Therefore, the terms of the site and this Privacy Policy will not apply to any third-party Site. applicable to you and your use of a Third-party Site.