Canadian Online Casinos Reviews

Whether you’re a newbie in a world of gambling or a seasoned gambler looking for a great deal, you’ve stumbled upon the right place - the best online gambling sites reviews are on your service! Here at EvilZilla we’re proud to offer you the most extensive collection of international online casino reviews from UK, USA, Australian, African and Canadian. Also, Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt and many other bonuses of casino in our reviews are available. All online gambling sites with live versions and free slots, allowed to play with no fees, charges or hidden requirements. Finding a perfect deal can be tough, as many places advertising seemingly the very thing you want often come with some strings attached. You won’t see anything like that here – there virtually aren’t any rules and you’re never more than a couple of clicks away from a breathtaking gambling experience, fit to change your life! Time seems to stop when you’re playing, but when you look up, you’ll see that your cash balance grew as if by magic. If you’re always on the lookout for the live the best online casino review that includes slots with bonuses. We’ve already done most of the work for you – our team works restlessly, scouting the latest delectable products from the reliable manufacturers. So you’ll always be the first one to try the machine everyone will be talking about for the next few months! And we spare you the hassle of keeping up with your favorite software developers, since the very second a new offering hits the web, it appears on our online gambling reviews.

Review of the Online Casino Developers

  • Microgaming – This slot maker first time appeared in the UK international list of the online casinos which were reviewed and called the gaming club in 1994 and they released the Viper software in 2002 which further increased their success. Over the past 10 years Microgaming has given away over 100 million dollars in jackpots. They have over 600 games, 300 of which are slots. Some of their most popular slot entertainment include Megah Moolah, Lotsa Loot, and Major Millions.
  • IGT – This company is called International Game Technology and they have been around for a number of years. They are now one of the leading internet slot makers in online gambling reviews for both at home and mobile play. IGT slots are considered some of the best and most advanced today. Some of their renowned titles include Jeopardy, Pharaoh’s Fortune, Rocket Man, and Noah’s Ark.
  • Playtech – This is a publicly traded gaming company that has one of the largest selections of slots available for play today. Playtech has both many games with big jackpots and more complex winning systems as well as many traditional slots. They make a few very popular games based off of movies and superheroes including Captain America, Fruit Mania, King Kong, Rocky, and Thor you can see in any of the best online casinos or reviews websites.
  • Betsoft – Betsoft is one of the most popular slot makers around because they specialize in using great graphics, special effects, and audio. They are also the leading developer of 3D slots. They have a great number of popular titles such as 7th Heaven, Chase the Cheese, Greedy Goblins, Magic Lines, True Sheriff, and Weekend in Vegas.
  • NetEnt – This is also a very popular manufacturer of internet slots. They operated a number of online casinos which they sold in 2005 and in 2007 NetEnt released a new series of video slots that quickly became popular. Some of the favorite entertainment made by NetEnt include Arabian Nights, Devil’s Delight, Frankenstein, Kings of Chicago, and Robin Hood.

Review of the Online Casino Game Types

Both real money and free games - the best mobile and online casino reviews usually have a large variety of games that can be played. Some of these entertainments include slots, card, table and dice games such as roulette. All of these entertainments require a mix of skill, know how, and luck in order to win. It should be noted that EvilZilla has a very impressive array of slots and other games of chance which can’t readily be found in other places. EvilZilla has some innovative offers that no other casino terminals on the Internet have today.


  • The USA. The legalities of this industry is quite complicated and in all cases the laws concerning online gambling are regulated by federal governments. For example, half of the states in the U.S.A have prohibited it whereas the other half have not, but the federal government has outlawed it; it depends on which state you live in.
  • Canada. Online gambling in Canada is illegal, but many people play on offshore rooms which the Canadian government has no control over. In both the U.S.A and Canada it has never been the case that someone has been charged with illegal business even though some forms are prohibited.
  • Middle East. In the Middle East it is for the most part prohibited; countries such as the UAE, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kuwait, India, Brunei, and Qatar have all completely outlawed all forms of online gambling. Most Asian countries such as Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Korea have also outlawed both the international casino reviews and any of the casinos.
  • Australia and New Zealand. Both have made it legal to engage. As well most European countries such as Spain, the UK, France, Italy Denmark, Belgium and a few others have also made it legal to bet and create the site about the casino bonuses and reviews.
All of that being said many people still read the live and online gambling review about the offshore platforms that are not regulated or controlled by the federal government in which those people reside in. It is important to note that if you live in a country where gambling activity is prohibited the gambling site reviews in question may not allow you to withdraw funds in order to protect themselves. Some online gambling site reviews are saying correctly that most of the casinos will allow you to withdraw money even if gambling is prohibited in your country, however you run the risk of being charged for illegal gambling. Players that are not considered legal adults are not allowed to gamble no matter what, the age can vary from one country to another, but is generally set at 18.

Online Gambling Licenses

Online gaming licensing varies greatly from one country to another and in most cases gaming is regulated by the federal government and in some cases there are licensing authorities which can provide gambling licenses to those who qualify. Many countries in which casinos are legal have various levels of licenses which depend on the amount of yearly revenue that the site takes in, these usually being class A,B,C, and D licenses. Another type of gaming license, such as in Canada, is the charitable gaming license which makes gambling legal if it is for charitable purposes, something that is quite beneficial for the company in question because charities in Canada enjoy a tax exempt status. Different types of licenses are generally issued for various forms of gambling including sports betting, betting on horse races, poker, and slots, each of which has slightly different criteria for obtaining them. It is easier to obtain gambling licenses in countries or jurisdictions where it is less regulated such as offshore platforms, however many countries are making it illegal to engage in offshore online gambling. Furthermore different countries will also have various licensing requirements in terms of operation, banking, and the amount of revenue which is generated. All EvilZilla plays are fully licensed and legal to play (depending on which country you live in).

Mobile & Other Available Versions

Our the best online casino reviews contain also mobile versions that are a little more complicated than normal that is done from a home computer. Many countries have even stricter regulations when it comes to gaming on mobile devices. Mobile games can take place on tablets as well as smart phones such as Android, iOS, and iPhones, most of which are compatible with the casino slots on EvilZilla. Not all games are compatible with mobile devices however most gaming manufacturers such as the ones mentioned above are making their games increasingly available for tablets and smartphones. For computer or PC gambling virtually all operating systems will support internet casinos, with the rare exception of Linux.

EvilZilla – Available Casino Games

EvilZilla has one of the largest selections of casino games available online and every single type of casino game that exists can be found on this extensive gambling site. No matter if you are looking for poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, Baccarat, Pai gow, Big Six Wheel, Faro, Keno, Bingo, and many others, you will find them all on EvilZilla. Of course there are free slots and real money slots as well. EvilZilla has hundreds of various types of entertainment that can be played including dice, cards, slots, and many more.


Online casino games and slots have some very large jackpots that can be won, especially so when they are progressive jackpots, most of these high winning offers are of course featured on EvilZilla. Here are some of the all-time highest jackpots:
  • Historically speaking Mega Moola by Microgaming has had the largest jackpots ever with an average of $8,838,000, the largest ever being over $20,000,000.
  • Aladin’s Lamp by GTech has an average progressive jackpot of over $8,000,000.
  • The game known as Cleopatra’s Chest made by Virtue Fusion has an average jackpot of slightly under $4,000,000.
  • The Big One Colossal Cash created by PartyGaming has an average jackpot of $3,200,000.
  • The Hall of Gods Mega slot created by NetEnt has an average progressive jackpot of slightly over $3,000,000.
  • Monster Madness by TopGame has an average progressive jackpot of $2,800,000.

Tournaments & Competitions

Competitions and tournaments in our online casino reviews can take place with most of the major game types including poker, blackjack, and slots among others. People take part in these competitions for a variety of reasons including the largely increased winnings due to the progressive jackpot funded by hundreds of players, the opportunity to play against real people, as well as the practice it gives players, and also the notoriety that people can get as gambling champions. The championships and other gaming competitions often have much larger jackpots than those tournaments played in a real casino. All about the competitions and tournaments you can read at our online casinos reviews - each contain the maximum information about the bonuses and tournaments. Some of the biggest online slot tournaments at the moment include the All Star Playoffs slot tournament with a jackpot of 25,000 Euros, Monthly Monster with a 20,000 Euro Jackpot, and the $100,000 Shootout. Some of the most popular tournaments to this day are poker that have jackpots worth millions of dollars.

Bonuses & Promotions

The online casino reviews have information about the promotions to try and get people to play. These promotions can include things like getting some free money or credits to play, getting some free spins, or having an increased chance of winning with your first few spins. There are also many bonuses for slot games including:
  • Wild Symbols – These symbols can replace one that is needed for a winning combination. It can replace any symbol featured in the reels.
  • Scatter Symbols – These symbols can earn the player a winning combination when they are found anywhere on the screen; they do not have to be part of a winning reel or line.
  • Free Spins – Free spins can be found in some slot games and are awarded to a player after a certain amount of paid spins or when the corresponding combination of symbols is achieved.
  • Bonus Rounds – Many Slots feature bonus rounds that may involve a plot line or some kind of interactive game. Bonus rounds are available either when a certain money limit is reached or it is unlocked with a winning reel.
  • Multipliers – When the multiplier is part of a winning combination it will multiply the prize amount by the corresponding number on the symbol.
Most slots will feature all of the bonuses and most others feature at least 3 or 4 of them.

Deposits, Currencies, & Withdrawal Methods

The information about the most readily used currencies are also available in our the best online casino review on our site in online slots are U.S Dollars, Australian Dollars, British Pounds, and the Euro. Although some games to take other currencies, these are the most popular ones. Most casinos will automatically translate the currency you are using into 1 standardized credit. Online casino reviews will offer a variety of payment forms to make it easier for players to deposit and withdraw money. There is the classic payment method that is accepted by every source which is the credit card deposit. Most credit cards are accepted, however Visa and Mastercard are taken virtually everywhere. Some places also take wire transfers from your bank account. Other online casinos have started taking Western Union payments, and some even accept transfers from PayPal. The same goes for withdrawing money. All the best reviewed casinos are telling about a feature where winnings can be directly credited to the same credit card used to make the deposit. Money transfer services such as Western Union and MoneyGram withdrawals are also readily available. Some may even allow you to withdraw money directly to your bank account via wire transfer or sometimes PayPal as well. There is no other payment and withdrawal method that is more widely accepted than the credit card.

24/7 Support

EvilZilla offers around the clock support 7 days per week to ensure customer satisfaction and the high qualitative casino game reviews. Players can use the live chat, email, or calling features to access the 24/7 support in order to ask questions and receive assistance with various problems such as how to play, making deposits and withdrawals setting up an account, and the legalities of playing.

Advantages of Playing On EvilZilla

There are quite a few advantages that come along with playing slots on EvilZilla as opposed to any other casino reviews online. Some of these benefits include:
  • Being able to choose between free slots and for money slots in so a person can choose to play for fun or to play for actual money.
  • Having access to various tournaments and competitions not available anywhere else.
  • Having access to one of the largest selections of slot games available.
  • Being able to contact a 24/7 customer support team to solve any problem.
  • No download or registration required in order to play.
  • Having access to slots with extremely high jackpots.